Construction Accident Attorney in Houston

Construction Accident Attorney in Houston
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Have You Suffered a Traumatic Injury in a Construction Accident in Texas?

Dangerous Work Conditions Create Deadly Risks to Employees and Contractors Alike

As someone who earns his livelihood in the construction industry, you know all too well the inherent dangers of the job. You face them every day. Whether you work as an employee of a company or as an independent contractor, your risks are huge, to say the least.

Some of these risks involve the equipment you use, while other dangers are associated with the location and nature of your work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor, Texas holds the unfortunate distinction of being the most dangerous state in which to work, particularly in the construction industry.

Specific Construction Risks

It really doesn’t matter what your construction specialty is. Every function you perform includes major dangers beginning with the ladders or scaffolding you may use to access extreme heights of tall buildings, siding, roofing, or windows. Your job as carpenter, steelworker, electrician, welder, plumber or air conditioning and heating specialist requires you to work both on upper levels as well as underground where falls or falling objects pose constant potential for injury, not to mention death. If you operate heavy equipment in excavation work or other building-related functions, you may encounter problems with malfunctions due to poor equipment maintenance and upkeep, putting your own as well as everyone else’s welfare in jeopardy. As operator of a crane, aerial lift or forklift, you have the additional hazards of entanglements with electrical lines or tip-overs from excessive weights or flawed conveyance.

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If you perform your job as part of a road crew spending long hours in proximity to traffic at the hands of impatient drivers stressed by hot temperatures, travelling delays caused by construction, financial woes and life’s anxieties, your safety is in constant peril day in and day out!

And, during the construction process, massive cave-ins, building collapses or chemical explosions can result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities in less than an instant.

Why Do These Accidents Happen?

If your workplace fails to provide necessary training for your use of their equipment or if the equipment itself has deteriorated from age or is in total disrepair, accidents which occur under those circumstances can be attributable to employer negligence.

Improper storage of materials, lackadaisical supervision, slovenly inspections, unmarked dangers, or general noncompliance with safety regulations and regimens along with code violations all contribute to an environment which provokes accidents from negligence.

Employer disregard for worker safety and protection from deleterious work conditions usually results in regrettable consequences which can cost millions of dollars in liability suits.

Are You Coping with the Aftermath of One of These Tragedies?

Your health is your top priority. Yet, when an accident occurs within one of these unregulated workplaces, it is your health which suffers. Many injuries from falls, falling objects, equipment assaults, or electrocution, are so debilitating that they render you incapable of continuing to hold a job and require lifelong medical treatments and care. Conditions as a result of chemical inhalations, burns from explosions, inadvertent amputations , and the ensuing severe psychological ramifications can alter your existence, your financial security and your family’s quality of life for the rest of your time on earth. And, some of these accidents claim the life of your loved one, leaving survivors to deal with extreme loss in every aspect of their being.

What Is Your Best Recourse?

The only way you can hope to recover from the major financial implications of your losses from an accident which occurred on a construction site is to engage the help of a smart lawyer who knows exactly what must be proven in order to arrive at the kind of compensation you deserve. At the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates, our attorneys have been representing accident victims like you for almost a quarter of a century. And, cases like yours have resulted in significant payments as reconciliation for the intense pain and long-term damage which survivors must learn to live with. We can help you by listening to your claims at a free, confidential consultation and giving you our professional advice about how you should proceed and what you can expect as a result.

Since the state of Texas can limit the time in which you can file, it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible.

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