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Trucking Accidents Can Have Many Causes

Texas Leads the Nation in Trucking Accidents

With some 300,507 miles of public roadways, more than any other state in the nation, statistics show Texas as the leader in fatal accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks.

What Causes 18-Wheeler Accidents?

Ironically, other drivers on the road are often cited as the catalyst for 18-wheeler accidents. Yet, a multitude of causes frequently can be blamed, sometimes with a combination of several independent circumstances. Some of these can be attributed to negligence not just of one or more drivers, but also of employers and manufacturers, or a sharing of blame among many participants.

In fact, it is not uncommon for drivers of passenger vehicles to be blamed by the big rig operator for the accident, creating a situation which is often reason for heated legal argument and the need for experts in pre-trial proceedings.

Large vehicles typically jackknife or roll over depending on the set of circumstances involved in the crash. Sometimes it is the hauler’s weight and cargo; rate of speed; roadway conditions; equipment malfunction; tire blowout; or driving error which contribute to either scenario. Unfortunately, because of the massive size of the truck, the dangerous nature of its cargo or the ensuing fires or explosions which can result after an accident, the drivers or passengers of the smaller vehicles usually sustain major life-changing injuries, if not death.

If the truck itself is determined to have been one of the culprits in its demise, both the truck manufacturer and the trucker’s employer are implicated in the case, necessitating defense against culpability and extensive liability.

Whatever the case may be, 18-wheeler trucking accidents are routinely complicated by many confusing issues, all of which must be examined thoroughly to arrive at the final source of true blame.

Texas Truck Regulations Are Meant To Prevent Such Catastrophes

The state of Texas has adopted a comprehensive body of rules or trucking laws specifically designed to serve as a guide to safe truck operation on the many roadways its travelers share. While it is distinguished by its many major industries requiring the use of such large haulers, the state still shoulders the burden of protecting the many other drivers on the road from accidents caused by these large commercial

Although some of the reasons for accidents involve inclement weather, distracted or fatigued drivers, operator error, or driving under the influence of banned substances, other claims suggest that a trucker’s employer was negligent for failing to provide proper training; surveillance; supervision; or requirements for satisfying safety standards. In addition, if a driver is held accountable for operating his vehicle under illegal circumstances, his employer may be cited as deficient in his hiring policies or lack of enforcement of proper on-the-job practices.

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