Moped Rider Dies in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Central Expressway

Moped Rider Killed in Central Expressway Crash Involving Multiple Vehicles

 Central Expressway Crash
Moped Rider Dies in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Central Expressway

Dallas, Texas (November 14, 2017)- According to a police report, a multi-vehicle collision Monday night on Central Expressway left a moped rider dead.

The fatal crash happened on Monday, November 13, on Central Expressway.

Authorities said that the moped rider was struck from behind by a Toyota Tundra. The impact pushed the Tundra onto the truck’s hood and eventually fell underneath the pickup.

After the initial collision, the moped rider was again struck by an oncoming car. According to a report, the truck driver pulled over and tried to stop oncoming vehicles from hitting the man further. Unfortunately, at least one vehicle reportedly struck the rider.

According to investigators report, the moped was overloaded with bags and had no visible lights at the back which was determined to be a possible reason why the truck driver struck the rider. Investigators believed the truck driver did not see the cyclist on time.

A police report stated that the area where the collision happened lacks streetlights.

A report said the rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

The rider was declared dead at the accident site, authorities said.

No further information regarding the identity of the victim was immediately released.

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