Boating Injury Attorney in Houston

Boating Injury Attorney in Houston
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Unskilled, Inexperienced Operators Can Cause Boating Accidents

The Statistics Reveal Disturbing Data

According to statistics gathered during a recent 5-year period by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard, the total number of boating accidents that occurred in Texas was almost 1,000. And of those accidents, approximately 200 people died as a result.

While drivers of automobiles are required to have a license to operate the vehicle, undergoing rigorous written and on-the-road tests to prove adequate skills, no such requirements exist for boat operators in Texas. Although there are laws regulating the age of boat operators, as well as banned levels of intoxication, exemptions for some of the prevailing rules far outnumber the requirements. This makes it quite easy to take the helm of a boat and possibly put others at risk if skills are less than optimal.

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The dangers associated with boating can be numerous considering the probability of turbulent weather conditions; insufficient knowledge of boating etiquette; errors in judgment; inadequate experience; unsupervised operation by an underaged operator; and other factors which may be attributable to operator or owner negligence.

Only a skilled attorney can sort through the various facts which have affected a boating accident and determine whether a claim can be made for personal injuries or fatalities.

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