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In the past eight years, Texas has led the nation in fatal dog bites, with Harris County dominating those statistics! As a Houston-based law firm which is located in Harris County, these numbers are disturbing. If you need a Houston Dog Bite Attorney? Our law firm provides top-notch legal representation for dog bite victims. Don’t suffer in silence, contact us today!

While pit bulls have been responsible for the great majority of these cases, with the Rottweiler as a distant second culpable breed, we hesitate to target the dogs as the culprits in these fatalities. Rather, as dog bite attorneys in the state of Texas, we believe most of these incidents have occurred as a result of owner negligence and want to help you bring these people to justice in any way we can.

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Texas Laws Regarding Dog Bites

Most dog bite cases occur because the owner negligently allows the dog to roam at large in the neighborhood, or because the owner fails to warn a visiting guest that the dog may have a propensity to attack. Injuries caused by dog attacks can vary greatly from puncture wounds to the leg or arm, to bites to the face requiring plastic reconstruction. Victims of dog attacks are entitled to seek compensation for medical expense; pain and suffering; financial loss due to inability to maintain employment; permanent impairments, disfigurement; mental anguish, post-traumatic stress disorder; and in an extreme case involving a fatality, family members can bring a claim for wrongful death .

Although not completely exclusive, factors that should be considered when evaluating an owner’s liability for a dog attack include:

  • Has the dog in fact bitten someone previously?
  • Did the owner know the dog was dangerous?
  • Did the owner ignore any public safety laws requiring that the dog be leashed?
  • Did the owner provoke the dog’s behavior by torturing the animal in any way?
Houston Dog Bite Attorney

Houston Dog Bite Attorney

Do You Know About One Bite Rule?

Texas follows a modified version of the “one-bite rule” for dog bites. The crux of the rule is the owner’s awareness of their dog’s potential for danger. If the dog has a history of biting or acting aggressively, and the owner knew or should have known about it, they can be held strictly liable for any future attacks. This means the owner is responsible for damages regardless of their actions to prevent the bite.

For the one-bite rule to apply, the victim (or their lawyer) must establish that the owner knew about the dog’s dangerous tendencies. This could involve evidence of previous bites, documented aggression, or the breed’s reputation for being dangerous.

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If you have been impacted by a dog bite that has affected your physical, psychological, emotional or behavioral life, including financial loss due to medical expenses or other ongoing distress, call us now. You must consult with a highly competent personal injury attorney who can advise you and possibly move forward with your case. Since you may have limited time to make such a claim due to prevailing Texas Statutes of Limitations, it is important to call right away. Contact Joel A. Gordon & Associates today for your Free Consultation so you can learn the true scope of your rights.

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At Joel A. Gordon & Associates we use all available resources to help our client’s obtain compensation for their injuries. The video animation attached is a recreation of a pit bull attack that occurred to one of our clients. The case settled with the insurance company paying the liability policy limits.

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