Maritime & Offshore Injury Attorney in Houston

Maritime & Offshore Injury Attorney in Houston
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Employment in the Maritime Industry Carries Great Risks!

Seamen and Longshoremen Alike Face Danger Every Day Which Can Lead to Debilitating Accidents

Whether you work on the water or on the docks, the possibility of accidents is a daily reality. When you are injured and suffering, a Houston Maritime injury attorney can be your reliable advisor in such difficult times. National statistics recorded by the U.S. Coast Guard average about 27,000 maritime accidents per year, involving some 800 deaths and more than $811 million in property damage.

In the Texas region alone, maritime workers engage in a multitude of hazardous jobs that put their lives in jeopardy all year long. Some of the work they do involves manipulating extremely dangerous equipment, expertise in highly sophisticated technology, skill in moving enormous components of the trade, and navigation through storm-battered waters.

Some of this employment extends to the gas and oil industry which involves its own set of even more insidious circumstances. Sadly, accidents routinely occur from a diverse array of maritime locations including tankers, barges, tug boats, fishing vessels, cruise ships, water taxis and ferries, to name a few. During the rigorous demands of everyday labor, peril presents itself frequently associated with oil rig activity, diving expeditions, gas explosions, cargo ship undertakings, and marine crane performance.

Men are lost overboard, suffer life altering injuries, and are exposed to fatal disease all in the name of earning a living.

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Maritime & Offshore Injury Attorney in Houston

Maritime & Offshore Injury Attorney in Houston

What Contributes to Maritime Accidents?

Just as in any type of employment, if negligence has played a role in the occurrence of an accident, a worker’s injuries or death can be the cause for legal action. Accidents which occur because of poor supervision; inadequate training; failure to comply with safety precautions; collisions due to operator error or unlawful distractions; outdated or poorly maintained equipment; improper staffing; and more, are all grounds for personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Maritime Laws Are Complicated and Confusing.

Don’t Let Anyone Pressure You into Making a Mistake That Could Result in Losing Your Rights To Recover Fair Compensation For Your Losses!

Anyone who tries to hurry you into signing away your rights is only trying to make sure you fail to get the financial payment you deserve. Legal representatives for your employer or their insurance companies may try to scare you into rushing to act without knowledge of the true repercussions.

It is vital to your case that you only discuss your circumstances with your Houston Maritime injury attorney who will work diligently to protect your interests. Many different laws apply to maritime and offshore accidents with complicated terms about what you will be entitled to receive. The attorneys at Joel A. Gordon & Associates are well-apprised of the many litigious issues that will be introduced into a case like yours to try to dispel your qualifications for proper restitution for the full extent of your suffering.

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The accomplished attorneys at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates have had years of success in representing personal injury or wrongful death clients with circumstances like yours. Whether from a serious injury or the fatality of someone dear to you, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from our Houston Maritime injury attorney having excellent knowledge and valuable experience in maritime law to help you develop a powerful plan.

The result of our skillful efforts, brilliant process of discovery, and shrewd negotiating expertise can result in significant financial compensation for your catastrophic losses from medical expenses; continuous pain need for ongoing treatments, rehabilitation or counseling; and long-term deprivation of quality of life.

If you are a maritime worker who has received a debilitating injury on the job, you must consult with one of our highly acclaimed Houston Maritime injury attorneys who can advise you in a confidential and no-cost session about your legal rights and options going forward. Since you may have a limited amount of time in which to file such a claim, you must contact us as soon as possible.

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