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Our Most Common Mode of Transportation Presents a Constant Risk of Injury. Are You a Victim of A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Motor vehicles are a staple of modern living, responsible for transporting most people to work, home, school, and entertainment. As a consequence, we are constantly subjected to the risk of injury or death. If you need a Houston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney? Trust Joel A. Gordon & Associates to provide expert legal assistance for your motor vehicle accident case.

Have you been the victim of a motor vehicle accident?

Joel A. Gordon & Associates has been addressing the uniquely complicated claims of accident victims for more than two decades. Since no two accidents are identical, a combination of sometimes hidden variables in each situation greatly determine case outcome. With such confusing and complex circumstances, it is strongly advised that you seek the help of a highly competent attorney to sort through the many details which you simply may fail to recognize as important – details which may make a big difference in your final compensation.

Most Prevalent Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Auto Accidents in Houston

As the most common mode of transportation, the car produces the largest number of accident cases for our firm. Among the most frequent reasons for these accidents are distractions, disregarding a red light or stop sign, texting or talking on a cell phone, the effects of alcohol or drugs, and other dangerous conditions.

If you were involved in this type of accident, contact the law office of Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation to learn your options.

Motorcycle Accidents

As probably the most exciting and daring way to express one’s allegiance to the open road, motorcycles
represent today’s culture of independence, spontaneity and power. Giving the rider an air of invincibility, ironically, these vehicles are responsible for more bodily devastation exactly because of their lack of driver protection.

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However, it is usually other motorists who are culpable in accidents involving motorcycles but only a wise attorney can build a strong case if you have been a victim. Call the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation
and the prompt assurance of a successful outcome.

Bicycle Accidents

With the surge in popularity of alternate transportation to save on fuel costs, bicycling has emerged as a new form of mobility forced to compete with motorized traffic in dangerous situations. This has resulted in many more accidents between human-powered vehicles and powerful engine-driven machines, producing tragic injuries as well as countless fatalities.

More reasons you need the help of an experienced Houston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney from the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates if you are a victim of this type of accident. Call for a free consultation as quickly as possible

Bus Accidents

Just by nature of the size of the vehicle and the numbers of passengers usually involved, not to mention the property damage and other drivers or pedestrians victimized by proximity to this type of calamity, bus-accidents are major tragedies. Without legal counsel experienced in this complicated scenario, the outcome of your case may fail to compensate you adequately. Seek the advice of Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation about realistic expectations for this type of case.

ATV Accidents

Whether used as a recreational vehicle or to aid certain types of outdoor occupations, accidents involving all-terrain vehicles are responsible for a staggering number of debilitating injuries, as well as fatalities, in the state of Texas. While a variety of laws govern how these vehicles should be used, in many cases, it is the negligence of another party who has caused atv accidents . With so many complicated factors, it is best to engage the services of a knowledgeable attorney who can provide trustworthy advice about what to expect in this type of case. Consult Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation as soon as possible if you have had an ATV accident.

Boating Accidents

Waterways are as likely as a paved roadway to be the scene of tragedy when an accident occurs. With a variety of factors contributing to such incidents, boats have steering and braking challenges especially for operators who lack proper skills. If you have been a victim of a boating accident and are experiencing serious medical ramifications, consult the Houston attorneys at Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Trucking Accident

18-Wheeler tractor trailers are a common sight on Texas roadways everywhere. Just by virtue of their huge size, massive weight and sometimes dangerous contents being hauled, these large commercial vehicles can lead to massive devastation and traffic interruptions when accidents occur. Since a variety of factors may be linked to such events, it is urgent that you contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to review the details of your case, should you be a victim. Please consult the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a free, valuable analysis of your situation. Contact us for free consultation .

Livestock Accidents

Accidents involving livestock, such as cows, sheep, horses, hogs, goats, mules, donkeys, steer or bulls, can be tragic both for the driver of the motor vehicle and the animal. These accidents usually happen when drivers fail to anticipate the presence of a huge dark mass in the road because of sudden escape through a damaged fence, many times at night in an unlit area. One of the critical factors in such cases involves the location of the accident specifically cited in hard-to-find laws of yesterday. If you have been a victim of livestock accident , consult the astute attorneys at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates for a free consultation during which they will determine whether you have a case to pursue. Your expedience is urged to avoid strict time limits governed by Texas Statutes of Limitations

Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

When an unsuspecting pedestrian falls victim to an accident caused by a motor vehicle, injuries can be life-threatening, if not fatal. Medical, financial, physical and psychological repercussions can derail one’s entire life as well as that of one’s family. It is vital to your case whether for personal injury or for wrongful death that an experienced and successful accident/injury attorney be consulted. You are entitled to a free consultation at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates for meaningful guidance through this difficult ordeal. Call them as soon as possible to avoid time limitations on filing a claim.

Accidents Involving Drunk Drivers

When operators of motor vehicle are subject to the effects of substances which impair their judgment, reaction time, driving skills and vision, accidents with debilitating injuries and sometimes fatalities usually result. Whether you have been a victim of such a tragedy or have lost someone dear to you in accidents involving drunk drivers , you should immediately consult an experienced attorney at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates to review the facts of your case for free. Contacting the right lawyer to help you now can greatly affect the outcome of your future. Contact us for free consultation .

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Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for many catastrophic accidents which can significantly impact your health, finances and peace of mind. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney who has years of experience in handling such cases, you will receive the guidance you need to recover from your many losses, including monetary damages which will help you cope with the future ahead.

Call a Houston motor vehicle accident attorney at Joel A. Gordon and Associates, you are eligible for a free consultation with a compassionate lawyer who can listen to your plight and give you the best advice about how to proceed. Since the state of Texas allows you a very limited time in which to prepare your case, it is very important to contact us right away.

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