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Top Ten Reasons to Hire Joel A. Gordon & Associates

If you are thinking about seeking legal assistance from a Houston personal injury attorney because you were involved in a serious accident or suffered a traumatic injury, consider these top 10 reasons to hire Joel A. Gordon n & Associates:

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  1. We are very experienced. We have been practicing personal injury law in Houston, Texas since 1993.
  2. We have represented clients in auto , auto-pedestrian , Motorcycle , wrongful death , traumatic brain injury , 18-wheeler collision , and premises liability cases, as well as many other types of accidents and injuries .
  3. We achieve successful outcomes. Many clients who have chosen to utilize the services of our law office have obtained significant compensation for their cases and have been able to move forward with their lives.
  4. We care about our clients and their individual situations. We know that when people have been injured during accidents, they may suffer in ways that are hard to put into words. We make every effort to understand our client’s situation and assist them through a difficult time.
  5. We help alleviate our client’s stress. It is not surprising that the personal injury process is very stressful and sometimes confusing. As their attorneys, we do all that we can to minimize the stress our clients have to endure.
  6. We are local. Any time people choose to file personal injury claims, it is important that they work with a lawyer that practices law in the state where their claim will be filed. Our Houston-based law office works on cases throughout the city and state.
  7. We can review your case and tell you what it might be worth . Determining the value of a personal injury claim is not an exact science. When people take the time to meet with an injury lawyer from our legal team, they can gain a better understanding of the approximate value of their case.
  8. We can examine every aspect of your damages. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the maximum recoveries possible for their claims. We do all that we can to obtain the highest amount of compensation possible for every case we undertake.
  9. We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf. The personal injury process typically requires negotiations with experienced insurance adjusters and/or attorneys. We are experienced negotiators who will fight to get you the best results possible.
  10. We have access to the right resources. When presenting your case, you may need to rely upon the testimony of experts, such as economists or physicians. Our firm uses credible experts who add value and strength to our client’s claims.

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Because Texas’ Statute of Limitations imposes strict deadlines on how long you have to bring your case, it is important to call us as soon as possible before your time runs out.

While many law firms are ready to serve, a select few have the necessary talent to build a case that will result in ample settlement before trial. Our law firm has a long history of success and it would be our honor to serve you. Contact us as soon as possible for best our free consultation with you.
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