Plant & Refinery Accident Attorney in Houston

Plant & Refinery Accident Attorney in Houston
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Have You Suffered a Traumatic Injury As a Result of an Accident at a Plant or Refinery in Texas?

Texas has been the scene of some of the world’s most shocking industrial disasters in the past 25 years. Of the most notorious, three incidents rank as some of the most horrifying events in history, and two of them have occurred within the very recent past. If you are seeking a Plant & Refinery Accident Attorney in Houston? Trust in Joel A. Gordon & Associates for expert legal help with refinery accidents and injuries.

In 2005, one of the largest oil refineries in the world exploded in Texas City, Texas. Responsible for a daily output of some 433,000 barrels of crude which is about 3% of the supply needed to keep America driving on the country’s highways, this was the infamous BP disaster that rocked the world. Killing fifteen innocent bystanders as well as company employees, this event also injured over 100 people who today are still reeling from the aftermath with psychological ramifications, physical disabilities and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Registering 3.5 on the Richter Scale, the monstrous explosion and fire which erupted at the Phillips plastic plant in Pasadena, Texas still haunts many today although it occurred in 1989. Responsible for some 23 deaths and more than 314 injuries, this tragedy cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars in physical damage, loss of business, and wrongful death and personal injury claims with multiple violations attributable to gross negligence.

One of the most horrifying industrial infernos to date, the very recent 2013 Fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, north of Waco, killed some 14 people and injured more than 160, while damaging or destroying more than 150 buildings in the process.

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Why Do These Disasters Happen?

In the great majority of cases, gross negligence on the part of the employer bears full responsibility. Numerous OSHA violations, fines and deficiencies stand as proven evidence that employers repeatedly disregard the importance of worker safety by ignoring needs for proper equipment maintenance, employee protections around dangerous work conditions, and vigilance about employee health concerns or symptoms while working within unsafe circumstances.

What Are The Consequences of These Tragedies?

Numerous health problems, some very serious, which can result in lifelong disabilities, pain, suffering, dependence on medications, need for repeated surgeries, rehabilitation, counseling, long-term therapies and many other medical needs are a common outcome of these kinds of events. Burns , amputations , respiratory illnesses, and spinal cord injuries often occur as a result of chemical spills, toxic exposures, equipment malfunctions, and falls related to dangerous work conditions.

In many of these cases, whether wrongful death and personal injury , claims for damages result in significantly large financial recoveries for victims of such tragedies.

What Should You Do?

If you have been injured or have lost someone in this type of catastrophic event, you should consult with attorneys who have a history of success in wrongful death and personal injury claims. At the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates, we have over 20 years of valuable experience representing victims of negligence, and know the important strategies which can reveal the most incriminating evidence needed to reach a favorable outcome. Our qualifications are nationally recognized to help you seek maximum compensatory damages to recover from your losses. Because of prevailing Statutes of Limitations in the state of Texas, it is urgent that you contact us as soon as possible so we can act on your behalf in an expedient and effective manner. Our consultation is confidential and totally free.

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