Ambulance Careens Off Texas Roadway Kills 3

Slick and icy roadways in San Angelo, Texas, on February 11, 2014, caused a Sterling City ambulance to lose control and slide off a Texas roadway which then caught fire. Killed in the tragic accident was 45-year-old Jose Cruz Gurrola, his 43-year-old brother, Anacleto Gonzalez Gurrola, and 52-year-old paramedic, Raymond Bernard Allison.

Although icy conditions cause many automobile accidents, such accidents can also be caused or contributed to by driver error, driver inattention, excessive speed in poor conditions, slick tires, and ordinary negligence for transgressing in dangerous conditions when ill-advised. If you have been involved in an accident under such conditions, you should consult an experienced attorney to obtain a consultation about your rights.

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