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Large Motor Vehicle Accidents Wreak Havoc on Many Victims

Vehicle size matters in accidents, and buses, some of the largest vehicles on the road, certainly prove this. Buses, designed to accommodate many passengers traveling to a shared destination, do not provide the same safety features as automobiles, such as air bags and other life-preserving designs. This lack puts passengers at a high risk of injury in an accident. Are you in need of a Houston Bus Accident Lawyer? Joel A. Gordon & Associates, our trusted firm, offers expert legal assistance in bus accident cases. Get in touch for a consultation today.

Although it is intended that each passenger be given a seat on which to ride, many times overcrowding results in passengers standing in the aisles which only adds to the risks of injury for everyone during an accident.

In addition to passengers riding on the bus, many other motorists within close proximity of the bus all traveling at high speeds on the roadway are also at risk of injury should an accident occur. Add to that group any nearby pedestrians , bicyclists , or other innocent bystanders and you’ve got a major tragedy should a bus experience a collision, rollover or other life-impacting event.

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What Causes Bus Accidents?

A number of factors can be reasons for bus crashes including some which can be categorized as operator or owner negligence. In a recent 3-year period, the U.S. Department of Transportation compiled statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and General Estimates System (GES). about national bus accidents with disturbing conclusions. Of the total number of commercial vehicle bus accidents nationwide, 20% had serious injuries, with up to 12% fatal, costing a total of $87 billion per year. If we add school bus accidents to those figures, results are even more shocking, as reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Overall, the majority of fatalities in bus crashes involve occupants of other vehicles, with school buses responsible for 72.7 percent!

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