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Harris County, Texas has 4.3 million residents, while the Houston metro area has approximately 6.3 million. This explains why the Houston metro area has approximately 200 auto accidents each day, or roughly 73,000 car crashes a year. There are many types of vehicle accidents, the most common being: rear-ended, T-bone or broad-sided, head-on, and side-swiped. If you or your loved one has been injured in Houston, our experienced Houston car accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Car Accident Statistics in Texas in 2021

Texas is among the top five US states with the highest number of traffic collisions, with over 500,000 incidents reported every year.

According to statistics by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there was at least one reportable car accident every 57 seconds in Texas. In these incidents, one person was injured every two minutes and 11 seconds while one person was killed in every two hours in 2021.

Here are the traffic collision statistics for the year 2021 as reported by the Texas Department of Transportation.

  • 239,709 people were injured in car accidents in Texas.
  • 15,769 major injury traffic collisions occurred leaving 19,456 people with serious injuries.
  • 4,479 people were killed. This was a 15.43% increase from 2020 when 3,896 people were killed.
  • 1547 people died in single-vehicle crashes
  • 1,040 people were killed in intersection-related accidents
  • 611 people died in head-on collisions.
  • 1,141 people died in DUI-related crashes. This is 25.37% of all car accident fatalities in 2021.
  • Distracted driving accounted for 436 deaths, an 18.6% increase from 2020.
  • 826 pedestrians were killed
  • 522 motorcyclists (both operators and passengers) were killed. 45% of these riders were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash.
  • Pedalcyclist fatalities were 90.

From the above statistics, no single day passed without a person being killed on Texas roads. Friday, October 22, was the deadliest day in 2021 with 27 people dying in traffic collisions. August was the deadliest month with 418 people sustaining fatal injuries.

Reasons to Call the Houston Car Accident Lawyer at Joel A. Gordon & Associates

Having represented victims of auto accidents in Texas for more than 21 years, we know what questions or concerns you may have, and we know how to obtain compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. Whether your accident was investigated by the Houston Police, Sheriff, Constable, or State Troopers, our law firm will obtain the accident report, contact the at-fault party’s insurance, and open a claim for your damages. In addition to obtaining the crash report and creating a claim, our car accident attorney in Houston will also secure accident photos, interview any witnesses, and consult with an expert accident re-constructionist as necessary.

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What if the police did not investigate or did not complete a report? Don’t worry. Our law office has successfully represented many clients involved in car accidents when a police report was not filed. But it is important that you contact us right away, because time is not on your side. By allowing our personal injury attorneys to establish and build your case, you can then focus on your medical care and recovery. Our relationships with medical doctors, imaging facilities, physical therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, dentists, and plastic surgeons allow us to assist you in finding medical care convenient to your location. Of equal importance, our office can also arrange for medical care without having to use health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, and without your having to pay any up-front money.

We Have the Answers to Your Urgent Questions

The two most common questions we receive are: “ What is my case worth? ” and, “How long does the process take?” Answers on the value of your case can be seen here. As for the length of time, that in large part depends upon the severity of your injuries and length of your medical care. Cases involving soft tissue injuries like whiplash, for example, tend to wrap up sooner than cases involving surgery, paralysis, amputation , and other injuries causing permanent disability.

After completing your medical care, our attorneys will then obtain all of your medical bills and records for presentation to the insurance company with a demand that contains a list of your damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In most instances, after a series of negotiations with the insurance adjuster, your case will settle. However, in those cases where settlement cannot be reached, then a lawsuit can be filed in the court system, taking your case to a different level.

What Can You Expect to Happen?

While most automobile accident cases settle without ever having to file a lawsuit, there are those cases where a lawsuit may need to be filed immediately to secure evidence or because of the serious nature of the injuries involved. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, you can feel confident that the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates understands what it takes to make your car accident case successful.

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Having represented hundreds of clients in such cases during our long history, we assure you that your case will be a top priority in our office. We encourage you to call our office now for your Free Consultation where a knowledgeable car accident attorney in Houston will review the facts of your case, explain your rights, and discuss with you what you can expect for your personal injury claim.

If someone close to you lost their life during this accident, our firm will help you navigate through your grief and financial problems with guidance about pursuing and filing, if necessary, a wrongful death claim.

In either instance, you can be certain that the Houston car accident lawyer at Joel A. Gordon & Associates will have your best interests at heart for the duration of your case.

Injured in a car accident? Speak with Houston Car Accident Lawyer at Joel A. Gordon & Associates For Help

Joel A. Gordon & Associates specializes in providing legal representation and counsel to individuals involved in car accidents. The firm offers expertise in navigating the complexities of car accident cases, aiming to assist clients in recovering damages for injuries, property damage, and other losses resulting from car accidents.

Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents in Houston

  1. Distracted Driving: Distractions such as texting, using a phone, eating, or adjusting the radio can divert a driver’s attention from the road.
  2. Speeding: Driving at speeds higher than the prescribed limits reduces the driver’s reaction time and increases the severity of accidents.
  3. Impaired Driving: Alcohol, drugs, or medications can impair a driver’s judgment, coordination, and reaction time, leading to accidents.
  4. Weather Conditions: Adverse weather, such as rain, snow, or fog, can affect visibility and road conditions, increasing the risk of accidents.
  5. Reckless Driving: Unsafe lane changes, tailgating, and disregarding traffic signals can lead to collisions.
  6. Fatigued Driving: Driver fatigue can impair alertness and decision-making, increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  7. Vehicle Defects: Malfunctions in brakes, tires, or other critical components can contribute to accidents.
  8. Inexperienced Drivers: Lack of experience or training can result in errors leading to accidents, especially among young or newly licensed drivers.
  9. Poor Road Conditions: Potholes, inadequate signage, and poorly maintained roads can contribute to accidents.
  10. Aggressive Driving: Aggressive behaviors such as road rage, weaving through traffic, or improper passing can escalate into accidents.

Understanding these factors can help promote safer driving practices and reduce the likelihood of car accidents.

Impact of a Car Accident on Your Health

The impact of a car accident on human health can be extensive and varied, depending on the severity of the accident and the specific injuries sustained. Some common effects include:

Physical Injuries: Car accidents can result in a range of physical injuries, from minor bruises and cuts to severe trauma such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Survivors of car accidents may experience emotional distress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression, especially if the accident was severe or involved the loss of a loved one.

Chronic Pain: Injuries sustained in car accidents can lead to chronic pain conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, and nerve damage, which can significantly impact the individual’s quality of life.

Financial Strain: Medical expenses, lost wages due to injury, and potential long-term rehabilitation can create financial burdens for accident victims and their families.

Disability and Impairment: Severe injuries from car accidents can result in long-term or permanent disabilities, affecting the individual’s ability to work, perform daily activities, and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Impact on Relationships: Car accidents can strain relationships with family and friends, particularly if caregiving responsibilities or emotional support become necessary.

Individuals involved in car accidents need to seek medical attention promptly and consider both physical and mental health needs. Additionally, consulting with legal and financial professionals can help address the broader implications of the accident, such as insurance claims, compensation, and rehabilitation planning.

Best ways to Prevent Car Accidents

  1. Stay Attentive: Avoid distractions such as texting, eating, or adjusting electronic devices while driving. Keep your focus on the road and your surroundings.
  2. Obey Traffic Laws: Adhere to speed limits, traffic signals, and road signs. Follow the rules of the road to minimize the risk of accidents.
  3. Maintain Safe Following Distance: Keep a reasonable distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. This allows for adequate reaction time in case of sudden stops or emergencies.
  4. Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained, including brakes, tires, lights, and other critical components. Address any mechanical issues promptly to reduce the risk of malfunctions while driving.
  5. Drive Sober: Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Impaired driving significantly increases the likelihood of accidents and endangers lives.
  6. Stay Informed About Road Conditions: Be aware of weather forecasts and road advisories. Adjust your driving behavior accordingly in adverse conditions.

By following these strategies, individuals can proactively reduce their chances of being involved in auto accidents and contribute to overall road safety.

How to Heal From an Auto Accident

Healing from an automobile collision can be a gradual process, both physically and emotionally. Here are some steps that can aid in the recovery process:

  1. Seek Medical Attention: It’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention, even if injuries seem minor. Follow through with all recommended treatments and appointments to ensure a thorough recovery.
  2. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation: If prescribed by a healthcare professional, engage in physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain strength, mobility, and function. This can be essential for recovering from injuries sustained in the accident.
  3. Emotional Support: Address any emotional trauma resulting from the accident by seeking support from friends, family, or mental health professionals. It’s important to address any anxiety, stress, or post-traumatic symptoms that may arise.
  4. Legal and Financial Assistance: If the collision has legal or financial implications, consider seeking guidance from legal professionals to understand your rights and options for compensation or insurance claims.
  5. Patience and Self-Care: Allow yourself time to heal and be patient with the recovery process. Engage in self-care activities and hobbies that bring you comfort and relaxation.
  6. Stay Informed: Stay informed about your rights, insurance coverage, and any ongoing medical or legal proceedings related to the collision. Being well-informed can help you make the best decisions for your recovery.

Recovering from an automobile collision can be a challenging journey, but with the right support, patience, and self-care, it’s possible to heal and move forward.

Damages Covered in Car Accident Claim

In a car accident claim, various types of damages may be covered, including:

  1. Medical Expenses: This includes current and future medical costs related to the accident, such as hospital bills, rehabilitation, medication, and therapy.
  2. Lost Wages: Compensation for income lost due to the inability to work during recovery or treatment following the accident.
  3. Property Damage: Coverage for the repair or replacement of the vehicle and any other damaged property as a result of the accident.
  4. Pain and Suffering: Non-economic damages for physical pain, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life due to the accident.
  5. Loss of Consortium: Compensation for the negative impact the accident has on the victim’s relationship with their spouse or family.
  6. Punitive Damages: In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault party for particularly reckless behavior.

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