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If you have been injured or you have lost someone dear to you in an accident, it is to be expected that you will have many questions. And since you are not an expert in the law, we are offering our knowledge to you at no charge to help you through this difficult time. Below are some common questions we are often asked by people who are confronting circumstances like yours. However, we know that you may have other questions beyond these which are more specific to your case. That is why we encourage you to call us to take advantage of a free consultation where we can learn every detail of your accident and provide you with every answer you need.

This question can be a point of contention in any personal injury case because medical, legal and other experts sometimes disagree on the severity of an injury a victim actually has suffered, and on the responsibility of the liable third party. Also in dispute sometimes is the reasonableness of the medical care, and the amount of lost income and future medical expenses.

However, there are generally three types of injuries, minor, moderate, and catastrophic. Minor injuries are those typically seen in small auto accidents where the victim suffers whiplash and undergoes physical therapy. Moderate injuries usually result in surgery and cause some period of absence from work because of disability . Catastrophic injuries are the most devastating, such as brain injuries , death or paralysis, which can cause long-term disabilities, and other long term hardships. Regardless of the type of injury, if the negligence of the responsible third party has been established, you may qualify for a settlement for your injuries and damages.

It cannot be said strongly enough that it takes a lawyer’s skill and experience to orchestrate a convincing case that will result in a fair and well-deserved financial recovery for you as the client. We urge you to take advantage of the free consultation offered by the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates who will listen to the facts of your case and share their opinions about your claims. Since time may be limited to make a claim in Texas, it is important that you call as soon as possible.

While it may seem intimidating at this time, it is not that unusual for an accident to have multiple sources of blame, or for an insurance adjuster to assess blame where no blame may really exist. Don’t worry, as you may still be eligible for compensation even if your actions contributed in some way to the accident’s occurrence. In the state of Texas, the law says that if you are responsible for some portion of the accident which translates to less than half your fault, then you will be entitled to compensation for your damages in direct proportion to your responsibility. That means that if you are considered 15% at fault, then your award will be reduced by 15%, meaning you get to keep 85%. As an example, if the case was worth $100,000, then your final payment would be $85,000.

However, how much blame to assign to accident participants or negligent parties is very difficult to ascertain and sometimes may need a jury to make the decision. Short of that, an experienced lawyer who is adept at aggressive negotiation can induce a favorable decision on your behalf in a pre-trial or even mid-trial settlement. Since it is customary for insurance companies to attempt to shift as much blame as possible to you, it is imperative that your attorney be equipped to fight such allegations. This is the only way you can hope to receive the most substantial recovery possible. If you have a life-altering injury or have suffered the death of a loved one, your damages should be fairly compensated.

The Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates is very experienced in legal strategies which result in optimal returns for its clients. Your best decision at this time would be to consult with one of our attorneys to discuss your questions during a free consultation . Doing so promptly is advisable since your time to bring a case may be limited by the Statute of Limitations.

Many people in your situation who can’t afford their medical expenses feel compelled to make rash decisions about paying exorbitant costs for their healthcare needs because they have no insurance or their insurance company has denied payment. The delay in obtaining the needed medical care may jeopardize the success of your personal injury case and cause greater health concerns. You should be very careful not to discuss any of these problems with anyone other than a reputable personal injury lawyer who will have your best interests in mind.

The experienced, compassionate and connected attorneys at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates can help you receive the medical treatment you need now without compromising the outcome of your personal injury case. Our intervention on your behalf will arrange quality medical care for you by providers convenient to you and who will respect your urgency for relief. You should not have to forgo medical treatment or surgery because your case has not yet been resolved. Call us today for a free consultation so we can get the details we need to start you on the road to recovery.

The nature of your injury as well as whether someone’s negligence played a role will greatly determine what kind of recovery your case may bring. For instance, you have to analyze the seriousness of the injuries; the amount of past and future medical expenses; lost income; pain and suffering; mental anguish; possible disfigurement; and physical impairment. It is also important to consider the identity of the defendant; how much insurance they have; the venue of your case; etc. As no two cases are identical, the amount your case may be worth is sometimes just too difficult to know until all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together, which in many instances is several months after the incident which caused your injuries.

While many questions must be answered before we can assess a possible value to your case, the first hurdle is to learn all the details of your accident and injuries to understand your case. We are very interested in speaking with you and we offer free legal guidance and contingency-fee contracts. You can also read more about what your case may be worth by clicking here .

Although it may seem that there is no clear reason for your accident, leaving you to suffer the major implications of your injury alone, it is often found that upon closer examination by experienced and well-informed attorneys that someone truly is responsible. Many of these cases need the talent of a perceptive and insightful lawyer who knows just where to look to find culpability and negligence. Usually, it is experience and a history of many similar cases that provides that kind of wisdom.

The Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates has represented clients for personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1993. In any situation where it seems like no one is responsible, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of our free consultation where we can discuss what happened and discuss your options. The Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates invites your call as soon as possible to discuss your case.

What can be common to both types of cases is that negligence contributed to the outcome. This attribution holds whether the accident occurred on a major highway, in a place of business, on the job, or on vacation. If you can prove that someone’s negligence resulted in injury or death, then either type of case is valid to proceed.

However, there are clear differences between personal injury and wrongful death cases. First, a personal injury case deals with injuries with surviving victims. Personal Injury cases attempt to recover financial losses for the victim’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, reduced or terminated wages for employment, and other related repercussions of the accident.

If someone has died as a result of the accident, surviving family members, e.g., marital partner, parents, and children, are eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim for the loss of the loved one. Such a case hopes to result in financial compensation for loss of support; mental anguish; loss of companionship; loss of education and solace; and other similar types of damages. Some of these calculations are easy to assign while others are quite difficult to determine and will be subject to how convincing your lawyer will be in pleading your case. To learn more, click on wrongful death actions or wrongful death damages.

Since case outcome can be dependent on the experience of your lawyer, it is recommended that you consult with the attorneys at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates where you are eligible for a free consultation . Since wrongful death cases in particular are affected by Texas’ Statute of Limitations which require strict filing deadlines, it is important to call as soon as possible.

At the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates, we will represent you in a personal injury or wrongful death case on a contingent-fee basis. That means you will not have to pay an attorney’s fees, legal expenses, or costs of litigation, unless we are successful in obtaining financial compensation for your case. At the conclusion of your case, you will be given a written statement explaining all the monies collected, the fees and expenses deducted, and the funds which will be distributed to you. Expenses can include a range of necessary services, including those of experts; retrieval of records; depositions; filing and court fees; etc.

If you have a personal injury case as a result of an accident, the usual time limit in which you can settle outside of court is two years from the date of the accident according to the Texas Statute of Limitations. However, settlements can be reached far sooner than that if the right circumstances and strong legal strategies dictate. If your case progresses into a lawsuit, then it can take additional time to bring resolution to your case, ranging in time from several months to a year or more.

If your action is a wrongful death claims , Texas generally allows you two years in which to file a lawsuit. However, since Texas permits wrongful death claims for surviving family members, and survival actions brought by the decedent’s estate, it can become complicated. Therefore, you should consult with a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates to make sure your claims are timely prosecuted. The law firm always offers free consultation , so don’t delay, call now.

Whether you suffered a personal injury or a wrongful death
loss, it is important for you to consult the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates who has the experience and wisdom you need to judge the value of your legal claims. Prevailing Statutes of Limitations in the state of Texas can limit your time in which to bring a case forward. Contact Joel A. Gordon & Associates today for your free consultation .

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