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Are You the Victim of a Serious Burn Injury or Fatality As a Result of an Accident?

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Burn injuries and deaths can be the result of a number of unfortunate accidents including those that occur in the workplace or on the job, within one’s residence, as the outcome of a Motor Vehicle Accidents or other circumstances.

Burns vary in degree of intensity from first degree, the least serious; to, second degree, the most painful; to third degree, the most debilitating and severe, damaging multiple layers of skin including associated nerves, which reduces the level of pain. However, recovery from a third degree burn is a long, painstaking process with major expense, physiological ramifications and risk of other problems.

What Is the Outlook for the Future?

Besides causing the victim serious medical implications which can take a very long time and significant expense to remedy, residual complications can develop which impact the victim and family members for years to come. These can include major financial impact; loss of ability to maintain employment with loss of income; strain on other family members to address the long-term needs for ongoing medical care for the victim’s recovery; as well as major psychological problems for the victim as a result of loss of quality of life and self-esteem due to disfiguring scars, physical disability and depression.

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In the case of burn injury fatalities, survivors must cope with the death of the victim resulting in long-term mental anguish; loss of companionship, services and other contributions to family stability; and whatever impact this has made on their lifelong financial security.

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Since many burn injuries involve a host of contributing factors, some of which may be the negligence of other individuals, or commercial entities (in the case of employment-based accidents), only an astute, experienced and unrelenting lawyer with the diligence and determination to uncover every aspect of the case will be suitable to represent your needs. The Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates has a long history of handling catastrophic cases with such circumstances resolving in significant monetary recoveries for its clients. While the victim’s care and ensuing treatments may require a very long time, it is important for you to initiate any appropriate legal action now because of limited time to do so. It is urgent that you call as soon as possible to engage our help through a complimentary, confidential review of your case to determine the best course of action. If your loved one was the victim of a burn fatality, we would advise you about how you can benefit from a wrongful death action, if circumstances apply.
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