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While amputations can occur for any number of reasons including accidents in the workplace, the most prevalent cause is due to Motor Vehicle Accidents . In a recent one-year study, the American Statistical Association reported that there were 4,435 traumatic amputations in the United States, all attributable to traffic accidents.

In addition to placing the victim in immediate critical danger of death due to loss of blood, such an amputation also carries severe residual consequences which can last for the rest of one’s life.

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What Is the Prognosis for the Future?

Long-term effects can include the need for exorbitantly expensive multiple surgeries; high-tech prosthetics; the possibility of reconstructive microsurgeries for replantation, reconnection, revascularization, or transplantation; physical therapy; rehabilitation; and ongoing psychological counseling. None of these highly sophisticated medical procedures and advanced interventions come without risk, sometimes resulting in infections; rejections; pain; circulatory or skeletal problems; mental anguish; and depression.

Since an amputation is such a serious physical event, with physiological and emotional repercussions lasting for an extensive period of time, if not for the rest of one’s existence, it is easy to comprehend the major financial effects it can have on the victim and his family.

Under these circumstances, it is highly advised that a proven and experienced personal injury lawyer be consulted to examine the facts of the case to determine the best course of legal action. The Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates is one such source of reliable advice which is offered as a free service at a confidential, complimentary consultation. During this meeting, our knowledgeable attorneys will take the time to learn all aspects of your situation so they can best assess your next most recommended steps to take.

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