Homeowners’ Claims Attorney in Houston

Homeowners' Claims Attorney in Houston
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Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denials Are Too Common for Comfort!

Your Texas Home Deserves the Protection You Are Paying For!

As a homeowner in Texas, you know all too well about the many storms, natural disasters and floods we confront on an annual basis. These incidents are getting more and more frequent and the damage is escalating to outrageous proportions!

As a proactive, responsible and vigilant homeowner, you have sought to protect your interests with a Homeowner’s Insurance policy from what you believe to be a reputable company, one that is purported to cover your losses in the event of such a devastating and sometimes life-altering catastrophe.

Has Your Insurance Claim Been Denied?

While the state of Texas has numerous laws and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has developed a comprehensive Bill of Rights to protect your interests from insurers who delay or deny your claim, some homeowners have been subjected to seemingly interminable waits which often lead to ultimate failure to collect on their losses. In addition to that, insurers commonly attempt to place blame on the homeowner for damages which might not have happened if the home had been kept in good repair in the first place.

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Although homeowners are allowed to dispute such denials in order to receive detailed explanations for the insurer’s refusal to pay the claim, such exercises frequently only serve to waste more time and leave the homeowner in a state of utter frustration – forced to foot the exorbitant expense of home repair and replacement out of his own pocket.

What To Do If You’ve Exhausted All Your Options

After paying costly premiums to an insurance company with the belief that they will provide you the help you need when disaster strikes, only to realize you’ve been abandoned in the eye of the storm, you need a place to turn – someone who knows how to intervene on your behalf, support your claim and fight to get you the financial assistance you are due!

That place is the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon and Associates, who have been helping people like you for almost a quarter of a century. We respect your needs and understand your plight. Most of all, we commiserate with your extreme distress which has left you depleted both financially and spiritually, robbed of your savings, stripped of your hope and angered beyond belief!

We Can Help You At a Free Consultation!

If your claim involves damage from wind, fire, smoke; hail, water, flood, or leakage; or damage due to hurricane or tornado, the experienced attorneys at the Houston law firm of Joel A. Gordon & Associates are tough negotiators and skilled advocates who know how to pursue your rights. We offer you the opportunity to benefit from our aggressive strategies and powerful presentations on a contingency-fee basis. Whether in pretrial debate or in the courtroom, our lawyers will work hard to ensure success for your homeowner’s claim and collect what the insurer owes.

If your insurer has rejected your homeowners’ insurance claim for damages sustained to your property, it is imperative that you consult with one of our attorneys who can advise you in a confidential, no-cost session about your legal rights and options to address these vital concerns. Since you may have a limited amount of time in which to file such a claim, it is urgent that you call as soon as possible for your free consultation .

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