Omar Hammet Killed in Hit-and-Run on Central Expressway in Richardson

Omar Hammet Killed in Hit-and-Run on Central Expressway in Richardson

Omar Hammet Killed in Richardson Hit-and-Run Crash on Central Expressway

Richardson, Texas – A man was killed early Sunday morning in a hit-and-run accident in Richardson, according to the police.

The deadly accident happened just before 2:00 a.m., March 3, in the 800 block of northbound S. Central Expressway.

Police said 57-year-old Omar Hammet, of Huntsville, was in the roadway when he was struck by a vehicle.

The vehicle fled the scene after the accident.

Hammet was killed in the crash.

The authorities have identified a vehicle believed to have been involved in the hit-and-run and that driver was cooperating with them.

An investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information or who might have seen something is asked to contact the Richardson Police Special Crash Investigation Team at 972-744-4944.

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