Three Children Injured in ATV Crash on Cowboy Lane in Alton

Three Children Injured in ATV Crash on Cowboy Lane in Alton

Three Children Injured in Alton ATV Crash on Cowboy Lane

Alton, Texas (May 29, 2020) – Three children under the age of 7 were injured on Thursday in an ATV crash in Alton, according to the DPS.

The crash happened on Cowboy Lane, south of mile 5.

DPS said the three children were riding on an ATV heading southbound on Cowboy Lane when they were hit by a southbound black passenger car, whose driver didn’t see the ATV.

The impact caused the ATV to crash against a fence.

One of the children, a 4-year-old, was standing outside of the ATV and was ejected by the impact. The child was airlifted to a local hospital with a head injury.

The two other children were taken to the hospital for observation.

All three children were not using helmets or safety belts at the time of the crash.

The DPS is investigating the crash.

We hope the injured victims recover quickly.

ATVs are used both for recreation as well as for use in certain occupations where transportation is needed in off-road locations.

Most ATVs accidents occur because of unlawful activity. This includes operation on paved roads; operation by a driver too young for the size of the vehicle; sharing the vehicle with a passenger; riding without protective apparel; riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and driving without having undergone the required training.

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